Yes i’m still here – also (and more importantly) Wild Growth Nerf: The great healing Swindle

Hey guys sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been rather busy with a variety of events in game and outside Azeroth (so blame further education for my blogging failure). I am very much still clinging on to my Druid and will be implementing raid guides from a resto perspective of Dragon Soul.

What follows may be an angry rant at Blizzards class balancing, for which i apologize about, but the way I see it is that a blog is for my own opinion and a place to vent (incoming serious venting).

I generally feel, having roamed Azeroth since late Vanilla, that I am a rather experienced Warcrafter and have seen various changes to the healing model of Restoration Druidism. Now some of these changes are good and some are bad but that is the nature of a constantly changing game. This recent nerf has rather frustrated me however. Below are some of the reasons I have been formulating as to why i think this is:

  • Firelands is seeming a bit stagnant especially with the nerf which removed a significant element of challenge fore the medium difficulty heroic bosses (Alysrazor, Beth’tilac, Baleroc)
  • Lackluster Tier 13 set bonuses. Rejuv increment is going to have a very high over heal rate in comparison to the awesome free Swiftmend of Tier 12 and the mana back element is just not as good as the passive Lifebloom that we currently possess
  • Blizzard’s Hypocrisy. The fact that they stated time and again that they wanted to change the way healers play in cataclysm, moving away from spam healing. This stuck for most of Tier 11 but I fear Tier 13 will be closer to Blood Queen in Icecrown with spells like Healing Touch falling out of rotations for the speed that regrowth gives
  • The shambolic state of the glyph system. Glyph of Innervate became useless in 4.2 and I would imagine that Glyph of Wild Growth will become removed in 4.3 especially in 10 man which leaves us with Glyph of Rebirth (Genuinely good glyph), Glyph of Healing Touch (Useless if you don’t spec Nature’s Swiftness) and…… oh yes Glyph of Thorns.

It is true that players always see the problems of their own class and rank them greater than others and it is very hard to take a neutral stance as everyone has a main class but I feel that this Wild Growth nerf is a step in the wrong direction. I feel that so much more could have been addressed especially from the class feedbacks. Heaven help you if your a Resto PvPer as 4.3 has adressed nothing for our Player Vs Player cousins.

This nerf feels like a way to simply appease the fact that Druids top healer meters but that is exactly what makes a Resto Druid viable in the first place. The whole point of a Druid is that they do massive throughput on a raid wide scale to compensate for the lack of damage reduction abilities and shoddy tank healing. What Blizzard should have perhaps done is looked at shifting our priority of what spells to use instead of just a “shoot-from-the-hip” nerf. If they had implemented a new spell or increased the potency of our Direct heals to compensate then that would have made a Druids a lot less frustrated.

Keep it Tree,

~ by Matthew on October 13, 2011.

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